Ken FX Freak and Freak Network have teamed up with Zenfinex, to provide a huge amount of value to the forex market. 


A free Telegram channel has been created for exclusive content; live webinars, market video insights and educational content.


For the community members that decide to trade with Zenfinex will be provided additional access to a group chat. Ken will frequently be sharing analysis, market observations, conducting more frequent live market webinars in addition to daily fundamental reports. 

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The BluFX team never stops trying to find the value in people, particularly when it comes to prop traders. They have been continuously developing a solution that will bridge the gap between retail trading and professionals. They dedicated years of R&D into our risk management system and trading technology to allow them to establish our in-house platform. This platform allowed them to create a trading ecosystem which offers a clear path for traders to advance and create value. All of which combined into the birth of BluFX.

Freak Network have been working closely with BluFX to help mould traders by offering funded accounts with opportunity to grow and thrive within their forex career.

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